EuroVAprint ASBL is a non-profit association grouping all major manufacturers of imaging equipment that operate in Europe. 

The association provides the legal and administrative means to supervise the implementation and monitoring of a set of binding commitments made by its members in 2011 (revised in December 2014) and sanctioned by the European Commission. These commitments are enshrined in a voluntary agreement which represents the industry’s contribution to the EU’s 2020 agenda and more particularly the Energy Efficiency Action Plan and the Resource Efficiency Roadmap. The agreement, which was negotiated under the auspices of the European Commission, also constitutes an implementing measure under the EU’s Energy related products Directive.

These commitments are aimed at curbing the environmental footprint of the manufacturing and use of imaging equipment for home and office use -- copiers, printers, fax machines and multifunction devices using laser, inkjet and solid ink technologies.  

As part of the industry’s commitment to continuous improvement, EuroVAprint will help implement and monitor any new sustainability commitments to be made in the future. 

The association is incorporated under Belgian law.  


The imaging industry is an innovative industry with a long track record of environmental progress.  

Products range from simple printers used at home to multifunctional devices used in offices for copying, printing, scanning to the highly productive printing systems that are designed to run continuously in print rooms.  

In addition to the core printing functions, machines today may come with a wide range of additional functions such as automated duplex printing, n-up printing, stapling and punching, and digital document storage.

Each technology and each additional function has a specific environmental footprint, which depends on efficiency in terms of energy, materials, paper, inks and toners consumed during manufacture, usage, recycling and end-of-life.


EuroVAprint is managed by a Board of five Directors:

  • Sara Rodriguez Martinez (HP) - President
  • Maxime Furkel (Lexmark) - Secretary and Treasurer
  • Robert Squires (Brother)
  • Wamda Saeid Elrisogi (Canon)
  • Boris Manev (Epson)

Day-to-day administration is entrusted to a Secretary General.

The Voluntary Agreement is supervised by a Steering Committee. Each member company has one seat on the Steering Committee. 

The Steering Committee meets at least once a year. Meetings of the Steering Committee are chaired alternatively by a representative of the industry and by a representative of the European Commission. Representatives from NGOs and from national governments are invited to attend the meetings.