Independent Inspector

An independent inspector, RINA (formerly Edif ERA), has been appointed to assess members’ compliance with the Voluntary Agreement. 

The independent inspector reports publicly on the industry’s progress in meeting the agreed sustainability targets in a yearly progress report. 

Signatories are required to provide the independent inspector with regular sales data for products falling under the scope of the Voluntary Agreement and the level of compliance with the criteria set out in the agreement. Information published by the independent inspector is anonymous and aggregated in order to respect signatories’ commercial confidentiality as well as EU competition rules.

In serious cases of non-compliance, signatories that do not meet their commitments may be expelled from the Voluntary Agreement. 

To obtain information on compliance, the following stakeholders are welcome to e-mail the secretariat of EuroVAprint:

  • any person representing a signatory or potential signatory to the VA
  • any representative of the European Commission or Member States, as well as Member States of the EEA or EFTA; and
  • organisations that have a permanent seat on the Consultation Forum


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