An independent inspector, Edif ERA (formerly ERA), will carry out assessments to measure members’ compliance with the Voluntary Agreement. 

The independent inspector will report publicly on the industry’s progress in meeting the agreed sustainability targets in a yearly progress report. 

Signatories are required to provide the independent inspector with regular sales data for products falling under the scope of the Voluntary Agreement and the level of compliance with the criteria set out in the agreement. Information published by the independent inspector is anonymous and aggregated in order to respect signatories’ commercial confidentiality as well as EU competition rules.

In serious cases of non-compliance, signatories that do not meet their commitments may be expelled from the Voluntary Agreement. 

To obtain information on compliance, the following stakeholders are welcome to e-mail the secretariat of EuroVAprint:

  • any person representing a signatory or potential signatory to the VA
  • any representative of the European Commission or Member States, as well as Member States of the EEA or EFTA; and
  • organisations that have a permanent seat on the Consultation Forum


2016 Audits:

Compliance Reports:


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How to report compliance issues?

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  • Who can report non-compliance?

     Anyone can report non-compliance (individuals, companies, NGOs, institutions).


  • How do I report non-compliance?

    The third party making the non-compliance allegation should request an allegation form from the EuroVAprint secretariat (secretariat(at) The form, developed by the Independent Inspector, will require the third party to define:

    • The name of the alleged non-compliant Signatory,
    • The nature of the alleged non-compliance (specified against the auditable items set out in Appendix 1 of this proposal),
    • The period during which the alleged non-compliance occurred,
    • The model(s) alleged to be affected,
    • A summary of the supporting evidence.

    The allegation form will also set out the terms of the allegation process as per Annex E of the VA. All supporting evidence shall be provided to the Independent Inspector by the third party.

  • Will the company investigated know that an allegation of non-compliance has been made?

    Yes. Once contacted by the third-party making the allegation, the Independent Inspector will in turn inform the Steering Committee of the name of the third party, of the name of the company investigated and of the type of allegation.

  • Who investigates non-compliance?

    Any allegation of non-compliance is investigated by the Independent Inspector:

    Edif ERA
    UK Surrey Head Office
    Cleeve Road
    KT22 7SA
    United Kingdom 

    Tel: +44 (0) 1372 367345
    Fax: +44 (0) 1372 367359
    Email: info(at)

  • How will the independent inspector investigate the non-compliance

    The following chart details the process of the non-compliance investigation:

  • Who pays the non-compliance investigation?

    The party making the allegation should constitute an escrow of EUR 4,000 with the following firm:

    Alain Costantini
    Allée de Clerlande 3
    1340 Ottignies Louvain-la-Neuve

  • What happens if the allegation is upheld?

    In the event of the allegation being upheld by the Independent Inspector, the Independent Inspector will notify the Steering Committee who will confirm to EuroVAprint that the escrow shall be refunded to the Third Party and all investigation costs shall be paid by the Signatory that is found to be non-compliant.

  • What happens if the allegation is not upheld?

    In the event of the allegation not being upheld by the Independent Inspector’s investigation, the Independent Inspector will notify the Steering Committee who will confirm to EuroVAprint that the costs of the investigation shall be recovered from the Third Party by way of the escrow. The Third party shall also be responsible for additional costs incurred beyond the amount of the Escrow.

  • How long does it take?

    The Independent Inspector will submit their findings to the Steering Committee and the third-party within 4 weeks of receiving notification that the fee is held in escrow.

  • Who will confirm whether there is non-compliance?

    The Steering Committee will inform the third-party in writing, within 2 weeks of receiving the report from the Independent Inspector.

  • What happens if non-compliance is confirmed?

    The company being investigated will fall under the provisions of article 12 of the Voluntary Agreement for non-compliance.

    If a Signatory fails to meet its commitments under Sections 4, 5, or 6 of the present VA, the Signatory should be subject to an audit in the year following the default. 

    If this audit finds that the Signatory is still not in compliance, it will be considered to have withdrawn from the VA.

    In case of non-compliance with the deadlines in Section 8, the Signatory will have 1 month to propose a compliance plan that would correct the situation. Should this Signatory fail to comply with this deadline, or fails to meet its obligations for a second year in a row, it shall be considered to have withdrawn from the VA.

    The defaulting company may reapply for membership of the Voluntary Agreement.

    For information, the sections cover the following topics:

    Section 4 – Primary Design Requirements
    Section 5 – Other Resource Efficiency Requirements
    Section 6 – Information Requirements for End-Users
    Section 8 – Reporting